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The podcast that uncovers fleeting moments in life

NO WAY! - Non se ne parla

The podcast that turns up the volume on muted stories

Can you raise the volume? They are talking about something unspoken!

Yes, because the media are very reluctant to talk about child abuse.

This podcast aims to open a space for discussion that dismantles the imaginary made up of stigmas only, to rehabilitate the experiences of people abused in childhood, starting with the lexicon and forms of storytelling.

The podcast is titled “Non se ne parla” (We won’t have to talk about it, or No way!) and stems from the saying referring to those topics that it is better not to talk about.

All episodes are available on Spotify and the main free streaming platforms: follow us on your favourite app, you will be notified of the release of each new episode.


Art direction_Alessia Manganiello Copywriting_Gabriele Carmelo Rosato Graphic design_Flavio Ambrosi de Magistris Co-hosts_Francesca Svanera and Gabriele Carmelo Rosato  Producer_Meti Onlus Speakers_Sveva Basirah Balzini, Elisa Belotti, Majid Capovani, Donata Columbro, Marina Cuollo, Maura Gancitano, Espérance Hakuzwimana, Marea Mammano, Giulia Paganelli e Carlotta Vagnoli