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image, doubt, create.

A Manifesto for Brainstorming Ideas
with a High Concentration of Visions

image, doubt, create.

A Manifesto for Brainstorming Ideas
with a High Concentration of Visions

In Officine B12, we base our awareness on a contemporary culture that recognises and values the diversity of individuals

Everyone, with their background

and baggage of desires, is considered of equal dignity regardless of gender, generation of belonging, sexual orientation, and any further dimension in which their diversity is declined. All these features are uniqueness.

In Officine B12, we are committed to ensuring that everyone can express their potential daily and feel valued in fully defining their characteristics.

This attitude connotes us to the point that we believe we can inspire it in our stakeholders.

Recognising and promoting people’s identities is not unrelated to adherence to the principles of protection and enhancement of the environment and landscape. For this reason, recognising ourselves as consumers, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible, promoting – as individuals and as a group – ecological choices.

In Officine B12, we encourage an inclusive culture and an expression of potential

This is why we cultivate values beyond the culture of diversity, proposing a model inspired by the culture of inclusion as an enhancement of different points of view.

We tend to seek exchange with others, believing that the best results originate from the contamination of ideas.

Even in the awareness that these are indispensable prerequisites for living the present time coherently, we recognise that our heritage of values is ready to be enriched by the contribution of those who will inspire us with new and more contemporary ones.

These characteristics are a continuous enrichment for us. We believe they can also be a gift made available to our customers, with whom we build relationships based on loyalty, transparency and respect for skills.

We look in the mirror to get rid of the unconscious bias

Even with the best intentions, we must admit that our decisions are often  influenced by unconscious biases, which we can’t recognise until we give them a name.

These remnants of patriarchy limit our objectivity and are capable of conditioning our choices. For this reason, in Officine B12, we try to go beyond prejudices and stereotypes, making more informed and effective choices and promoting social innovation.

We work to contrast unconscious bias through a four-point program:

Challenge assumptions
The Doubt of our Manifesto consists in questioning ourselves both in the face of our beliefs and of our society, reducing assumptions that tend to be misleading.

Enhance objectivity
The first impression is what matters. It’s not for sure. Relying on first assessments can hinder our objectivity and even limit our visions, jeopardising good opportunities.

Overcome stereotypes
The first impression is what matters. It’s not for sure. Relying on first assessments can hinder our objectivity and even limit our visions, jeopardising good opportunities.

Broaden perspectives
It is nice to receive approval for our beliefs, but it is a partial vision of reality. Making decisions based on this tendency can limit our perception of things, so we appreciate the comparison with people with different backgrounds.

Our concrete initiatives for propagating the ethics of this Manifesto consist of 5 drives.

Tackling gender stereotypes

In a situation with a low presence of women at managerial levels in Italian companies, Officine B12 was founded by a woman and a man responsibilities and remuneration.

At the same time, while not encouraging a vertical and hierarchical view of the business organisation, we promote more significant female representation in positions of responsibility and leadership.

This awareness is strengthened by continuous discussions with trade associations and activist groups to achieve equal opportunities between genders through group coaching, mentoring and training seminars.

Valorisation of disabilities

Officine B12 gladly welcomes in its staff people with different abilities, guaranteeing them activities compatible with their faculties and providing them with solutions that put them in a position to operate the same way as any other team member.

Valorisation of gender identities and sexual orientations

In Officine B12, we strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can have the same opportunities, regardless of sexual orientation. This will happen as long as there is a need to talk about it, hoping that our history will witness the definitive transition towards a society that does not distinguish between sexual identities, even outside binarism.

We want the people who work in Officine B12 and interact with us to be themselves 

daily, seeing their viewpoint valued and feeling free to bring the innovation that resides in the uniqueness they bring.

We have no doubts about the benefits of a work environment welcoming people from the LGBTQA+community. For this reason, we are committed to developing and promoting inclusion strategies and good practices in association with activists outside Officine B12.

Promotion of generational diversity

In Officine B12, we like to keep a youthful environment in step with the times. We promote a continuous dialogue between the different generations, for example, with reverse mentoring initiatives: one generation shares its forms of thought for the benefit of another.

In Officine B12, the projection to the future passes through a profound awareness of the past.

Dissemination of best practices

Living in the 21st-century society means recognising ourselves as portions of a vast and heterogeneous cultural archipelago: adhering to this awareness favours the exchange with different cultures. This represents for us an opportunity to increase our mindset.

We work on projects which require multi-disciplinary and infra-territorial skills. For this reason, the openness to different cultures and the ability to communicate with people of different backgrounds is an essential requirement to achieve our full potential, also extending this attitude to our customers and stakeholders.

Rome, November 5, 2020

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