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Do you also spend hours and hours browsing the latest podcasts?

Do you also spend hours and hours browsing the latest podcasts?

We do listen to many podcasts, and we even do them: from concept to launch.

We give voice and sound to great stories, making people imagine what cannot be seen.

The word ‘podcasting’ first appeared in 2004.

So, when did you listen to your first one?

Here are some reasons why we chose to communicate with podcasts.

Podcasts are to the radio as streaming is to TV: it is part of the evolution of a highly contemporary form of communication.
There is a podcast for everyone and for every purpose: we make you imagine with your ears what you can’t see with your eyes.
They inspire concentration and, unlike videos, the average usage time of a podcast is growing: we resist listening for 20 minutes, but audiophiles also exceed half an hour.

It is a reliable form of communication: it fosters closeness between the broadcaster (brand) and the listeners.

The heart of each episode is a story sustained by the values that inspire the brand, and we are on the side of those firms who clearly show their ethics.
It’s a cuddle for the ears and we listen to them all the time: on the subway, in the car, in the park, on the bed… during staff meetings.

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