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We are a multi-disciplinary studio of creative thinkers passionate about ethical design.

We are a multi-disciplinary studio of creative thinkers passionate about ethical design.

From visionary ideas into digital actions and physical projects, our design studio shapes an alchemical combination between graphic, book and game design. We also listen to many podcasts; and we even do them, from concept to launch.

We start our work day by reading a poem aloud together, and our work ethic is inspired by the principles of gender equality and social inclusion.

Meet our amazing team

Alessia Manganiello

Co-Founder & Art Director

Young and dynamic graphic designer, with over 5 years experience, Alessia graduated from the IED – European Institute of Design with a specialisation in Communication and Visual Art.

She loves paper and her dream is to make an entirely handmade publication.

The best thing about her work is being inspired by everything that surrounds her: no matter if you are in Rome, London or Amsterdam, every place and moment are inspired by the local artistic environment.

Gabriele Carmelo Rosato PhD

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Cultural anthropologist and university lecturer, with strong ties to multidisciplinary environments and local communities.

His work history tends to intriguing metamorphosis among cultural heritage, museum education and cultural diversity.

He approached communication design through the study of storytelling, as a form of connection between places and people. He only wears dress shirt, sleeps little and hates fizzy drinks: beyond that he’s a good person.

Flavio Ambrosi de Magistris

Junior Graphic Designer

Thorough and brilliant editorial graphic designer, Flavio graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.

His desk is always neat and his laptop cables are as good as new. His precision shines when he works on logos and icon system design.

He is a true fan of pop culture, and he knows everything about video games: actually his thesis is a collector’s publication celebrating Nintendo®.

Andrada Blajinu

Content Editor

Born in East Europe, headed everywhere, her job spans multiple areas: she is at ease as screenwriter, video editor, technology explorer and collaborative advisor.

Undergraduate with a thesis focused on Film and Gender Studies, she’s now graduating in Media Production Studies.

She’s passionate about politics and meaningful social issues, but she would be hesitant to say whether she prefers a TV series to a book. In fact, she chooses them both, at once.

Based in Rome, with an open mind in all timezones, we apply this ethos to every brand, campaign, experience and game we shape.

What we do on Saturdays and Sundays

Baking, Binge-watching, Camping, Dance, Fossil hunting, Gaming, Lego building, Origami, Volunteering… Relaxation.


Mark Twain

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines Sail away from the safe harbor catch the trade winds in your sails